Animal Companion


A work by Hana Lee Erdman

Temporary Companionship
The work will be tailored to an occasion defined by the buyer including no. of companions & duration of companionship.

Not documentable Resellable - conditions apply.

Conditions of activation: The work can be activated on any occasion that allows for companionship.

This performance of companionship applies principles of interspecies relations through choreography and image making in order to expand a possible repertoire of human relations. The work proposes the exhibition space as a social art space, and a vital arena for designing and collecting strategies for being together. Diverse registers of visuality and sensibility generate a place of public intimacy and sensitivity proposing the practice of being together as a creative one.

The visitors engage artworks with and through the companionship of the performers and intersubjectivities emerge. Principles of touch, proximity and telepathy, co-create empathetic moments, and modes of communication that may seem otherwise inaccessible in everyday public life.

Hana Lee Erdman is a dance artist who works with choreography and curatorial practices, from both embodied and visual sensibilities. Her work generates a space of public intimacy and sensitivity, proposing the practice of being together as a creative one. She wants to see what we can do and how we can be together in order to create potential for transformative experiences through subtle and subversive shifts of power and exchange.