Artificial Hells by Claire Bishop as audiobook by Galerie

Project by Galerie

Shedhalle commission


Invited by Shedhalle curator Michelangelo Miccolis to reflect on the current state of so-called ‘immaterial practices’, we propose to start with remembering a book–Claire Bishop’s Artificial Hells.

Back in 2012, this essay proposed a historical and theoretical critique of ‘participatory art’, also known as “social practice”, by challenging the emancipatory claims proposed by these projects. Over 11 episodes, each corresponding to a chapter, Galerie will read aloud Claire Bishop’s Artificial Hells(with the kind agreement of the author).

So, lean back out there in the summer country. Every week we will share a new chapter, and whether you are at the seaside, in the mountains or working for the money to keep up with the inflation––we’ve got you covered with last year’s critique.

Listen and download here