A laboratory for artistic research

Council brings together a laboratory for artistic research (the inquiries), a program for the production of artworks, and a fellowship. These activities construct a network of people and institutions linked to the arts, the sciences and social engagement.

About Council

A council practices the art of assembling people in order to decide how to act for themselves and for those they represent. Councils are common to different cultures around the world, and are practiced at different levels of society – the family, trade unions, states, militant groups, businesses, and religious communities. Shared by all, council is an activity from which may emerge new forms of political representation.

Founded in 2013 by Grégory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman, and animated by a network linked to the arts, science and social engagement, Council develops an artistic institution born out of the art of council. Today, Council brings together artistic research laboratory (the inquiries), a program for the production of artworks, and a fellowship.

Introducing the arts in domains that do not fully recognize its legitimacy, composing the arts with sciences and civil society, and staging new forms of council: Council tests the hypothesis that the evolution of political representation implicates aesthetic operations.

Council acts in the long-term and on an international scale, modulating its structure according to the necessities of its activity. In accordance with these conditions, Council seeks to observe situations where human nature is reexamined, and to experiment with radical alterity – “the way I do not understand the other is different from the way he does not understand me”.