Intangible Economies


Ed. by Antonia Hirsch, Filiip, Vacouvert (2012)

Treating the idea of an economy as a general system of exchange, Intangible Economies advances the idea that personal relationships are produced by economic activity and that desire generates economic transactions. Intangible Economies speculatively investigates the role that these “affective transactions” play in modes of representation and cultural production. The abstract and abstracting function of value itself becomes particularly significant in this constellation, in its relation to both capitalist economy and ethics. First developed for a 2011 conference in Vancouver, the essays included in this anthology seek to tackle the difficult task of tracing the role of affect in economic exchanges relative to artistic production, while also enacting the unruly force of such transactions.

The contributing essayists are Melanie Gilligan, Juan A. Gaitàn, Hadley+Maxwell, Candice Hopkins, Olaf Nicolai, Patricia Reed, Monika Szewczyk, and Jan Verwoert.

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Intangible Economies: Forum Discussion
Melanie Gilligan, Affect & Exchange
Hadley+Maxwell, Someone That Happens
Antonia Hirsch, Intangible Economies
Antonia Hirsch, Intangible Economies: Preface
Antonia Hirsch, Intangible Economies: An Introduction
Candice Hopkins, The Golden Potlatch
: Study in Mimesis and Capitalist Desire
Antonia Hirsch and Olaf Nicolai, Chant d’Échange
Patricia Reed, Economies of Common Infinitude
Monika Szewczyk, Investing in the Blank
Jan Verwoert, Faith Money Love