La Piscine


A work by Myriam Lefkowitz

Wishing to associate different artistic practices that broach related questions, she opened her reflection to others and came up with La Piscine. During six straight days, seven artists – Jean-Philippe Derail, Valentina Desideri, Ben Evans, Alkis Hadjiandreou, Julie Laporte, Myriam Lefkowitz et Géraldine Longueville Geffriaud – will intermingle with the Leclerc swimming pool of Pantin, offering the spectators the opportunity to co-construct an experience between one spectator and one performer.

The chosen practices were all conceived as « attention devices » for one spectator and one performer at a time; they all question the conditions and the effects of an experience for two; they all generate a singular perceptive process, activated outside of the usual context of representation (the stage or the exhibition space).

Though heterogeneous, the different practices will nourish one another inside the space of the Leclerc public swimming pool, mixing in the liquid environment to the point of dilution, leaving the artist as transformed as the spectator. As an alchemical laboratory, constituted at first by the water element, La Piscine is a space where sensations slide, weight is suspended, outlines blur, silences appear.

La Piscine, Hors-les-murs Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, 20 – 25.10.2015
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