Pontus Petterson

Located Practice
* when activated the name of the location is added to the title. Documentation: The located practice might produce leftovers.

Resellable: The located practice can be resold within the acquired time frame.

Conditions of activation: The work must be located in time and place, with a minimum duration of one night and a maximum of three months. Squatting involves the taking over of the space by the atist and thus the artist can redefine the accessibility of that same space.

Pontus Pettersson proposes a continuous work in which Squatting is a temporal visit and an expression. Every squat takes the name of its temporal ”home” as well as making it the site of the performance, the space unfolds simultaneously as the work. The artist occupies locations with his practice – Squatting points to the function of the artist as well as his undetermined doings. Practice is taken as the notion of occupation, both in relation to space and to activity. Each Squatting being singular while being part of a larger body of work: his labor, his practice, his life.

Pontus Petterssons choreographic work ranges from fortune telling, cat practicing, writing poetry to dancing, a choreography off and on stage, playing and questions the notions of choreography and dance as two singular entities yet closely entangled. It is a love for dancing with a particular interest in objects that bridge to a choreography that is as much daring, useless, beautiful and something else. Pontus is currently involved with his project The Poeticians, a poetic curational project as well as working with the musical, text and performance project PETS together with choreographer Ofelia Jarl Ortega, dancing for Mette Ingvartsen in her performance 7 Pleasures and La Substance – but in English by Mårten Spångberg. Pontus is a recurring artist at the venue Weld in Stockholm and holds an MA in choreography from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm.